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‘Fine Art is when the work of art is carefully handled and crafted into a beautiful piece of creation. Our artists, who have mastered the art of clay and specialized in this specific field, work their magic to give you what you see in our Shop. Each item is hand-made and crafted to perfection.

 Our Shop has an item for just about everything you may want, starting from flower pots to candle holders to even light holders, and much more. 

Don’t be sad if you don’t find what you are looking for in our shop, because we also take orders to make your product exactly the way you want!

 Whether you want to order for your personal use or for your company, we can design and color and make it shine the way you want it to be.

Only your imagination is the limit!



  • Shop –

Boutique pieces are available for purchase by walk-ins. Mind you, that each piece is unique and cannot be repeated! Yes, it is THAT special. Our artists have individually put in their special skills to use just to create a masterpiece just for you!


  • Corporate Merchandise –

We don’t stop at individual items. If you want to order a merchandise to represent your brand and logo, we can design and color as per requirement. Clients we have worked with so far- Asiatic, Bkash, Machranga, Cross World Power Ltd.


  • Restaurants –

We also provide Ceramic ware customized as per chefs requirement for your restaurant and catering business. We can represent your company and customize the way you want it to be. Clients we have worked with so far: Izumi, Oro


  • Commission Work-

Last but not least, if you just want a nice item, only for yourself, we do personalized orders, made exactly the way you want it!