Learn To Clay

Clay Station also hosts classes that help take your skills to the next level. Adult classes include tricks and techniques that make creating so much more fun! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create a true masterpiece. Kids classes include our Clay Dates, Summer Camps, and other impromptu work shops that we will host from time to time.

It’s not just for kids! Adults can learn different painting techniques that includes both fired and non-fired products, various effects, and so many bisques and colors to choose from.

What is Clay Therapy?

Together we will develop and choose projects that target the needs you identify for yourself or your dear ones.  Working with a 3-dimensional material such as clay offers an atmosphere that is non-threatening, safe, fun and therapeutic.  With patient and nurturing instructors, freedom of expression and relaxation are easily achieved.  Creative juices quickly begin to flow and masterpieces come to life.  Through interactive sessions,  you will end up with fired clay projects developed through a hands-on process.  Finished works will give you increased self-esteem, a strong sense of ownership and a great boost of pride.

Adults & Children can both enroll for our jewelry design sessions:

Jewelry Design In Terracotta

Discover the world of terracotta jewelry with decorative techniques like stamping, cut work, carving, painting and much more!


Jewelry Design in Stoneware

Taking off from a clear understanding of stoneware, the module will focus on glazing techniques, throwing open a world of colors and textures to enrich your jewelry design.

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